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give me obscure headcanons and i’ll sketch the first five i get

edit: okay i overestimated my drawing speed so im only doing 3, ill keep the rest for later

  1. valbrandur said: One of Kurloz’ favourite activity is playing a game of charades with the other alpha trolls
  2. pendaly said: Kankri doesn’t like it when people touch him because in-game he unlocked a few aspect abilities and, being the Seer of Blood, one of these abilities is that when people touch him he feels their emotions and hears their thoughts.
  3. bleuregardhoovington said: Karkat being a film critic and having an online blog as a human.
  4. riflesquiddle said: ((Jade and dirk working on robots together!))
  5. bloosprite said: Dave is terrified of sofas/couches because of Rose’s psychoanalysis.
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